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    VibrAkustik is a supplier of high-quality solutions within audio testing, acoustics, noise measurement and vibration.



    Hearing aid R&D and production

    Automotive Industry

    Test, development and production

    Forsvar & flyindustri

    Tests and measurements in extreme environments

    ENV - Miljøstøj & vibrationspåvirkninger

    Noise and vibration - measurements and monitoring

    Referencemålinger & undervisning

    Metrologi, universitet & forskning

    Personlig audio & devices

    Standards, good sound and great design

    Building Acoustics

    Effective measurement methods according to the standards

    Industri & produktion

    Industrial applications and production testing


    Audio Test

    We offer complete solutions and systems for audio testing.

    Service & Kalibrering​

    Calibration of microphones and microphone kits - also accredited.
    Caliberates, Pistonphones and calibration systems.


    We offer equipment rental for shorter or longer periods.


    What challenges do you encounter in your work with audio tests, acoustics and noise measurements? Maybe we have the experience and a solution that can make you more efficient and give you more security in the data you provide. Maybe you are developing a system or product that can handle a task. Let's talk about what it should be able to do, and see if the right product choice can make your product more efficient, safer or maybe we can just save time in your development and production. We offer equipment rental for shorter or longer periods.